A Trip to See My Second Family!

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θ Yesterday I was feeling horrid. My temperature was going up and down, up and down. Like me, it could not make its mind so, it just decided to play on the see-saw for a while until I made the decision for it.

I went to the ER last night after I began to vomit and my stomach started to hurt me BADLY. My first thought was what any Crohn’s patient would think, “Oh, sheet! It’s back.” I showered and into the car I went. I had to sit in the waiting room for about an hour and half surrounded by people that I really should not be around seeing as how I HAVE NO IMMUNE SYSTEM. Hello? McFly? After I finally convinced Polly Prissy Pants- the admitting nurse, of this trivial fact, she finally took me back where I sat in the hallway for another 40 minutes still surrounded by ick.

I finally get a bed; put on my pretty gown and snuggled down under my nice stiff, scratchy sheet. I seriously was not looking for warmth… no, not at all. The ER Attending comes in and I recognize him right way, as does he recognize me. (THANK YOU! This should be much easier now.) He had the nurse come right in and hook me up to an IV for my dehydration. (That was totally my fault. I was too sick to go to the store and had no water to drink.) My temperature was 103.9 when I got there and by the time I was in the bed dock, it had risen to 104.3. Nice. Hey, if you are going to go to the ER, make sure you go for good reasons, right? Then here came the smiling hypodermic blood sucker lady. Never trust them, they smile because they are about to get their rocks off by digging in your arms. Fortunately, I had a really nice older nurse that had already taken my blood when she inserted the IV. SCORE!!!

In the end, I was given my old friend Toradol, antibiotics and 3 bags of saline. I have an upper respiratory infection, the stomach flu and inflamed tonsils. They tried in vain to admit me. However, I had driven myself because my husband is out of town. That means my beloved car was in a public lot and I had no one to take care of Jack and Bella (our furbabies). I am home now and I am still trying to thaw out from how cold it was in the ER. I realize that the staff get hot running around and what-not, but last time I checked, cold rooms are bad for me. I realize that I am not the only one in the ER, so I deal with it silently. (I am still waiting for my extra blanket) :)

I am very cranky right now because I am tired, cold and highly irritated about anything and everything. But, I am feeling better; I am grateful to those in the ER that took care of me and I am happy I had a good team. I will get some sleep as soon as my body allows and I have a nice cup of hot Tension Tamer tea next to me.


avatar Mojo February 13, 2009 at 3:13 PM

Hope you are feeling much better , quickly. The ER sucks no matter where you are. Not always the fault of the people working in it but still doesn’t make one any happier.

avatar Brandee February 13, 2009 at 4:55 PM

Thank you. You are correct! The ER is never a nice place to be, but you must have patience and understanding. You get better treatment and you make the staff feel more comfortable in treating you. You can think your nasty thoughts, but it is best to keep them to oneself :) Typically, when you look back, it is never as bad as it was when you were going through it.

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