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I really have not felt like updating my blog lately with anything more than copy and paste articles that I feel are important to the cause of Crohn’s Disease. I do not really feel like updating now, but I am going to in spite of myself.

I went to see Dr. Evil on Monday. More poking- causing me to want to deck him, again. More dull conversation about my health and then off to get more blood tests. I’ve been suspicious for about 2 weeks that my Crohn’s disease may be coming out of remission. Dr. Evil confirmed my fears as his own without my saying much, thus the blood series. What the !&$!#? I thought I had at least 2-10 years of remission ahead of me? It’s been 8 flippin months since my bowel resection! I won’t know for a few days what the results are, but I am still hopeful that either I am wrong or that it was caught early enough that something can be done to suspend reoccurrence and force it back into remission. That is just me giving lip service; I’ve been too bummed over it to simply do the research to see if what I just wrote is even possible.

In closing, I had to tell Nick. It was awful and the look on his face was one I did not want to see again. He has been through so much with me and it is very unfair to expect that he might have to do it again. And my poor parents… I suck. Crohn’s sucks. I’m over it. In a ‘keeping your head up and hoping for best’ sort of way :)



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avatar White Wolf Spirits March 5, 2009 at 11:00 AM

Wish I could do something. Hate being powerless. Love you!

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