Pass on, will ya?

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Pain, pain go away- never come back any day. I never said I was a poet, people.

So, today I have dealt with a family crisis, a sick daddy :(, a worried mother, a totally confused 14 year old and a 4.4 earthquake. My family does not know that I am dealing with a health issue right now and I feel it’s best that way. It’s not a serious issue, so why worry anyone? Welcome to the zoo/circus that is my life. And to top it all off… The Neely’s are on Food Network right now and I can’t find the remote. “He always tryin’ ta steal my suguh!” I’d like to shove a sugar cane right up Gina Neely’s butt.

I was up and down all night long. This pain is simply ridiculous. At 2am, I literally grabbed the bottle of pain meds I was given in the ER and held them in my hand looking at the label for about 15 minutes. I ultimately decided not to take them. But, they have been calling my name all day long. I am almost to the point of flushing them down the toilet just to get rid of the struggle. Dr. East Coast called me a little while ago with my culture results. There was a high concentration of blood to urine, and an unusual, but not unheard of, bacterial growth present. He had not yet  received the report from the hospital, so I FYI’ed him and he said that explains this particular bacterial strain and that he wants to see me tomorrow. Yeah, well, sorry about your luck, Doc, but I want 10 million dollars and I ain’t gonna get that either.

I have spent the day cleaning and doing laundry with the hopes that the movement will flush out the stones. I must be a sadist or something. Honestly, I was sitting here this morning feeling really sorry for myself and said, “To hail with this.”, got up and started moving. It’s going to hurt no matter what I do, so I may as well have a clean house and clean clothes at the end of the day. It seems rather elementary to me that if I am staying still in bed, these stones are going to move at a much slower pace than they would if I were up moving. I’d rather bare pain for 4 days and be up moving, than for 6 days laying on my arse.

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March 30, 2009 at 4:26 PM

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