Mondays really do suck.

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So, I went to see Dr. Evil and Dr. East Coast today.

Dr. Evil ordered more blood tests (his favorite pass time) and then sent me over for a blood infusion, I was half a pint low. I also received Potassium and 250mgs of IV Prednisone because I was feverish ( 100.3) and I’m still showing signs of inflammation and infection from the kidney stones. Needless to say- I am w. i. p. e. d. – o. u. t.

It really sucked because 1. This is Monday and they inherently suck. 2. The lab rat room where they usually give me IV juice, was totally full. I was given the options to either wait about 3 hours or be hooked up and then escorted to the waiting room. Yeah, the second option sounded good and I chose it, but people are nosy and rude with their questions. Other people have no clue how to control their little ones when an IV hookup is present. 3. Because I was not being monitored as closely as I should have been, I never did get my ice pack and had to bare the full acid burn of the Potassium because I am allergic to the Lidocaine typically used to numb the vein. THAT was tough, so I increased the pump rate myself to get it in faster after waiting about 15 minutes for the ice pack that never came. The entire length of my forearm is very sore tonight.

Dr. East Coast was to send the kidney stones off to for testing to see what sort of crystals they are and work with Dr. Evil to adjust my diet accordingly. Me, being the dork I am, walked right out of the house and forgot to take the dang stones with me. Can ya believe it? My husband can. My dog, Jack, can… even the Bella, the cat, is looking at me like I am an idiot. After that stunt, who am I to argue? I’ll run them over tomorrow. The stones- not my husband, dog or cat.


avatar Andrea April 6, 2009 at 10:48 PM

i just wanted to let u know that i love reading yur blog. i am 12 and i have crohns to. u make me smile cuz you are fuunyh about it and u always seem happy even tho i know u got to be sad sumtimes. my stomack hurts alot and i feel bad alot to. i like yur dog and cat names. may be we can talk for real sumtimes. i wuld like that alot. can u send me yur email

EDITED: eMail address removed by moderator.

avatar Brandee April 6, 2009 at 11:32 PM

Hi, Andrea! Nice to meet you. I would be happy to send you my email address. I am sorry that you are dealing with Crohn’s Disease. It is not a very nice disease to have, but there is life out there even when you do have Crohn’s. Take care and I will email with you soon! – Brandee

**Please note that is not safe for you to post your email address in a public forum any place on the Internet. I have removed your email address from your post as a courtesy. I’ll send you and email and await your reply.

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